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Portrait Sessions for Adults

     A variety of portraits are created at the location of your choice.  I'm always looking for good places, so I have ideas if you don't.  Multiple locations are fine.

     You keep the fully processed, ready to print, high resolution image files of the finished portraits.  I offer high quality prints at an affordable price, but you and your family can also make as many reprints, enlargements, albums, photo books, etc... as you want at the photo lab of your choice. 

     Payment is due at the time of the portrait session.  If you need something different than the portrait sessions described, or have other ideas and questions please contact me.


Adult Portrait Session     495.00

     A portrait session for adults:  individuals, couples, families, and groups.  We will create a variety of portraits.  I want to hear your ideas.  Portrait session price includes:

  • a portrait session that lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours
  • the edited and processed, ready to print, high resolution image files in color and BW
  • an online photo gallery for one year
  • permission to share, print, and use the photos as you like (non-commercial use)


Portrait Session Contract

Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions, or email or call.

Kansas Portraits

Frequently Asked Questions


     Where are we going to shoot?

     Most of my portrait sessions are done outdoors.I do not have a studio space available. There are many beautiful, outdoor locations around the Lawrence, KS area, or I can come to your home. For locations outside of Douglas County there may be a travel charge. Think about having your portrait taken at your favorite locations and places that are important to you.


     How many photos are delivered?

     It depends on what you need, and what we are doing.  I don't have a quantity guarantee, but I typically deliver 24+ finished photographs.  Most of the time a lot more.


     Do you photograph kids?

     Yes, my children are my main subject. I just don't do it professionally anymore. My own kids wear me out! I have decided to specialize in adult portraiture.


     What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?

     Since most of my portrait sessions are done outdoors we will have to reschedule in the event of bad weather. I do not have a studio location available. Please book your portrait session well before you need the photos, in case we need to reschedule.  

     I can turn most lighting and weather conditions into a successful portrait session, but there are a few things that would require me to reschedule:

     Very Windy:  The wind is a problem most people don't consider, but it can be quite troublesome here in Kansas.  Wind blows hair and clothes all over the place, and can make eyes watery and red.  I can Photoshop the occasional stray hair, but I can't restyle wind-blown hair.  Also the look of my portraits depends on using umbrellas and soft boxes on my lights.  These are effectively kites in the wind, and it blows over my light stands destroying my equipment.  Some Kansas days are just too windy for a successful portrait session.

     Rain:  Because all of my gear is electronic I will need to reschedule outdoor portrait sessions if rain seems imminent.  Wet and muddy ground also really limits our posing options.  

     Too Hot or Too Cold:  I need my subjects to be relaxed, comfortable, and feeling good.  I cannot do much about feeling and looking uncomfortable if it's too hot or too cold.  You will need to wear weather appropriate clothing.  Sweaty faces and clothes will not look good, so in the hot months I schedule portrait sessions early in the morning.  Outdoor winter portrait sessions will require fairly cooperative weather, and appropriate winter clothing to be the fashion choice.


     Are the portraits retouched?

     My normal style is light cosmetic retouching. Mostly cleaning up temporary blemishes, and occasionally softening skin texture. Upon request I can retouch more: remove scars, whiten teeth, soften wrinkles, etc... I cannot slim, or redo make-up or hair styling in Photoshop. Please consult experts in these fields. Let me know about any concerns you may have before we shoot. There are often better solutions than Photoshop.


     What happens if you are ill, or have some other emergency?

     As much advance notice as possible would be greatly appreciated if you need to cancel a scheduled portrait session, but I understand that things come up.  I'd be happy to reschedule for a more convenient time.


     What can we do with the photos and files?

     You can make as many prints, albums, etc... as you want from the photo lab of your choice.  You can share the photos with friends and family through the online gallery I provide, or on Facebook or however you like to share online.  You can copy the files for friends and family, or give them the password to download the high resolution files from the online gallery.  Your friends and family can make as many prints, albums, etc... as they want using the lab of their choice, and share as they like.  You can pretty much do anything you want except sell the photographs or use them for commercial or business purposes.  If you need portraits for commercial or business use please contact Matt for more information and pricing.